Andy’s Camping List for 2015

Internet – you’re so crazy.

Its here, summer is beckoning and camping season is right around the corner. Yes! That gets folks pretty excited in STOWER country, so we thought about it and decided to share our ideal camping list for this, the next greatest summer of our lives. Andy’s first because, well, its his idea.

I started writing this camping list, and did some research on some other camping lists online from people in the know…and I was pretty surprised with how big some of these camping lists can be. Theres over 150 items on some camping lists! A portable espresso marker? Ice?

Whatever floats your boat – I bet someday it’ll be easy enough to make ice from a creek in the Mogillion Rim. But not yet, and for me I like to be lean and mean with my camping gear. I already gotta carry myself, and if it gets too hot I gotta carry my dog, Carne. Carne, you’re a city slicker.

So! In all its glory and outdoor anticipation, here is Andy’s solo camping list for 2015 (in order of importance):
1. Sunscreen, hat, and glasses. I get burnt all the friggin’ time while camping!
2. A good, comfortable pack. I’ve used the same oversized Kelty since 1998 and my spine aches just thinking about my next trip. But I love my Kelty, and it understands my spine like no other.
3. Water. I’m a desert guy at heart, and in Boy Scouts a kid in our troop actually got lost for a few days in the Sonoran desert east of Tucson. He survived eating roots of skunkweed I think, which roots were taught to us webelos as a source of emergency water. Better to bring your own, and more than enough. Heavy, but heavy is better than dead.
4. A camera of whatever kind you got, and maybe a backup. I can’t tell you how upset I get that I don’t have pictures from some of my best hikes. Once, my sister dropped my camera in the sand of an oasis in the Sahara en route to a nomadic camel race. True story…but no pictures.
5. Food. I like mac and cheese, bagels, summer sausage, and trail mix. High energy. Simple stuff. And oranges. And rum.
6. Clothes. This changes depending on the weather. Warm is warm, cold is cold, even more so when you’re outside all day. I’ve been known to overpack, so this summer it’s just a rain jacket, a beanie, and extra socks and underwear. And flip flops.
7. A Fire Charger to charge that camera – I built it to do exactly this, exactly because it fits well in a backpack (see #1 above). Could also bring backup batteries, but those can go dead. Reliability is key.
8. Tent, sleeping bag, and pad. This is after the Fire Charger because I get feral sometimes and open air it.
9. A stove and gas, one pot and one pan and one spork. Mac and cheese can’t cook itself.
10. Matches or a lighter.
11. A map of where you’re hiking, and a good book to keep the map folded within.
12. A good knife. You can cut with it, eat with it, hunt with it. Good to have.
13. Toilet paper. I always forget this when I go camping, and I always regret it. Not this year!

And that’s my summer camping list! I’m sure others will have other ideas, and yeah I don’t bring first aid kits which is really dumb, but this treats me well enough and will get me where I need to go.

See you out there.


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