FlameStower in Guatemala

Last month we announced a new partnership with Grupo EBIS to integrate our FlameStower technology into their clean burning cookstoves. Grupo EBIS has been working with central American governments to develop and distribute clean cookstoves to low-income households including thousands of stoves in Guatemala.

The folks at Grupo EBIS did some in-the-field research of how their stoves were being used. At the time they discovered most households had mobile phones. These phones were integral in their daily lives for work and commerce but they did not have the power to charge them. Thus, Grupo EBIS looked for solutions to power these mobile phones and discovered FlameStower. In our initial discussions they quickly realized our technology provided the least expensive mobile phone power generators available.

With one of their cookstoves in our development lab in San Francisco, the team is now moving quickly to integrate FlameStower into their cookstoves. We will share pictures when prototypes are built. This partnership is enabling us to bring our technology to those most in need even quicker than we could have imagined. We could not be more thrilled.

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