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Be Power Outage Prepared

Blackouts happen. With the new P.O.P Kit by Stower, you have what you need to keep your family charged and connected – no grid required.

Communication. Water. Light. The P.O.P Kit is a modern, lightweight family emergency kit that delivers when the grid goes down.

$179.00 $159.00 Buy Now

The P.O.P Kit Includes

for power

1 – Candle Charger for indoor USB charging and boiling.

6 – Sterile water packs

2 – Stower Candles for charging and boiling water.

1 – box of matches

for light

2 – USB rechargeable flashlights

2 – long burning candles

for safety

1 – multitool (includes pliers, can opener, more)

1 – basic First Aid Kit

1 – pack of sterile wipes


Power Outage Prepared (P.O.P.) Kit

$179.00 $159.00

Coming Soon!

STAY CONNECTED, NO MATTER WHAT with IN-HOME energy for power outages or off-grid demands. The CANDLE CHARGER provides emergency light and power from a candle.

Stay updated on progress, launch specials, and availability.

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