Unfortunately, Stower candle charger is no longer available for sale at this moment. But, there are a few products that are applying the same thermoelectric principles to generate electricity that can be use to charge our daily use devices.

We found one product that is quiet similar to stower candle charger, it is the Ajirangi Portable Thermoelectric Generator. Please bear in mind that a candle charger or any products that using heat energy to generate electricity is meant to use under emergency circumstances eg. power outages or if you are away from your home for an outdoor activities.

This product is a gadget, you can take it camping with you to charge your iPhone or maybe you work outside, and you have your gear that you need to charge.

You may already own a goal zero nomad 10, a BigBlue foldable portable solar charger, a small wind generator and even a k-TOR Power Box pedal generator but this one will completes your bug out bag.

What, why and when do we use Thermo charger?

We use technology and we rely on it. It connects us to what we care about. Yet there are time when we find ourselves on our own again. What if you could charge your device using only a candle or wood burning stove ?

All you need is water, a candle and plug in to your device and get charged. Its dependable and provide and instant source of power when you need it most. Now no matter where you are or whatever happens to the electricity, the thermo charger would be there to keep you connected.

It’s pretty exciting to think that something like this something so simple as as making one side hot in collecting that energy and converting it into electricity, can keep our devices going and keep people tied in.

Where do we go from here? Well, we need to make it more efficient, reliable and we need to make it more affordable. We’re going to work really hard in order to make personal energy happen, but we do need a lot of help to get there and then we keep working on this someday.

Yes, you can build your own thermoelectric candle charger